Bunker Products Specification

ISO 8217:2010 – PETROLEUM PRODUCTS – FUELS (CLASS F) – SPECIFICATIONS OF MARINE FUEL 1 The ISO 8217 specifies the requirements for marine fuels supplied on a worldwide basis via custody transfer for consumption onboard ships. It also takes into the account of international requirements such as the SOLAS Convention and MARPOL in respect of the allowable limits or contents in flash point and sulphur, respectively.  In 2nd June 2010, the International Standards Organization (ISO) published the 4th edition of ISO 8217 to replace the 3rd edition (ISO 8217:2005). The latest edition (ISO 8217:2010) reflects several important and significant changes which includes the following:

  1. Category rationalizations of both distillate and residual marine fuels.
  2. Amendments to the ‘General requirements’ on harmful materials or substance which may render the fuel unacceptable for use onboard ships.
  3. New fuel characteristics such as hydrogen sulphide, acid number, stability (oxidation) and lubricity added to the test reporting requirements.

From 1st July 2012, all bunker suppliers started to comply with the ISO 8217:2010 for bunker specifications. This is also in line with the date for test reporting of hydrogen sulphide to take effect under the provision of the new standard.

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