Logistic Solution

Gulf Energy Limited (L.L.C.) has a Fleet of Marine Tankers Managed by its Sister Company Emirates Shipping Company, and working in the Arab Gulf Region for serving Arab Gulf, East Africa and far East.
Gulf Energy Limited (L.L.C.) has a Fleet of Road Tankers for serving its local customers
Gulf Energy Limited (L.L.C.) has a three Bunker Supply Vessels for Fuel Supply to all UAE visiting vessels


Logistics and Transportation

Gulf Energy Limited (L.L.C.) provides independent and effective supply chain management for fuel transportation. Our reputation has been built one customer at a time, through innovative fuel transport logistics, and by creating cost effective solutions in our extensive fuel distribution network.

We Provide :-

Fuel transport logistical solutions through our network of company-owned and 3rd party truck and 3rd party waterborne freight assets

– Cost effective fuel transportation throughout the Gulf Energy Limited (L.L.C.) freight network 

– Expert advice and logistical problem solving, specifically relating to fuel procurement and renewable energy  strategy as well as fuel supply risk management

– Direct solutions for customers’ last-mile fuel transport needs

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